‘It’s kind of funny the way that worked out’: Couple find love through baseball


KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Casey and Carrie Gillaspie are a match made in baseball heaven.

“It’s kind of funny the way that worked out because of how we met and the fact that baseball brought us together,” Carrie Gillaspie said.

Casey is an infielder for the Kansas City Monarchs. Carrie is a broadcaster, working as one of the team’s in-game hosts.

“At first it was a little different. Then you slowly start get used to hearing her every inning. And now it’s a lot of fun,” Casey Gillaspie told FOX4.

“Now that we’re about halfway through the season we feel like we’ve hit our stride. It’s really fun to come to work and to know that I can watch him while I’m working,” Carrie Gillaspie added.

The couple met nearly 10 years ago during summer league baseball in their home state of Wisconsin. Casey, then 19-years-old was a player, and carrie was an intern.

Their love for the game runs deep.

“Naturally I think we kind of revolve around baseball. But at the end of the day, it’s still just that person that I fell in love with,” Casey Gilllaspie said. “To be able to go home every night and still have baseball around us. But we can still kind of separate that from just the everyday life.”

The Gillaspies may be bound by marriage, but they keep it professional on the clock. Carrie’s even had to conduct a few post-game interviews with her husband this season.

“Over the years I’ve coached him how to answer interview questions because I’m a journalist and hate it when athletes give these one word responses. I’ve coached him and he gives really great answers,” Carrie Gillaspie said.

While in different careers, their love of baseball continues bringing the Gillaspies together.

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