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LAWRENCE, Kan. — The Kansas Jayhawks debuted new uniforms for the men’s basketball program. At first glance they don’t look remarkably different, but take a closer look.

From afar it looks like there are pinstripes running down the sides of the team’s white jerseys. As you step closer those lines turn into words. The words that created the very game the men’s basketball team plays.

The original 13 rules of basketball were written by James Naismith in 1891, when he worked at a Massachusetts YMCA. Naismith later moved to Lawrence, Kan., and eventually became a head basketball coach for the Kansas Jayhawks Men’s Basketball Team.

The Naismith family owned the rules until an auction in 2010. That’s when KU Alumnus David Booth bought the original rules of basketball and donated them to KU.

The rules now hang in a facility located on Naismith Drive, connected to Allen Fieldhouse — the home of Jayhawks basketball. With the new uniform, KU salutes Naismith for the game he created 130-years ago.