Judge denies NFL concussion settlement

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PHILADELPHIA — A federal judge on Tuesday denied a proposed $760 million settlement of claims arising from concussions suffered by NFL players.

The judge, U.S. District Judge Anita B. Brody, wanted more financial information from the parties involved.

In a 12-page opinion, Judge Brody expressed her concern that the $760 million wasn’t enough because it might not include all retired NFL football players who received a concussion-related diagnosis.

“I am primarily concerned that not all Retired NFL Football players who ultimately receive a Qualifying Diagnosis or their related claimants will be paid,” wrote Anita B. Brody of U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, in the 12-page memorandum.

According to USA Today, the awards would vary based on the former player’s age and diagnosis. The proposed settlement is designed to last at least 65 years, according to the report.

Brody described as “commendable” the efforts made by the players’ representatives and the NFL to reach a negotiated resolution to the class-action lawsuit, but said she had made her decision “in light of my duty to protect the rights of all potential class members and the insufficiency of the current record.”

More than 4,500 former players filed suit, accused the league of fraud for how it handled concussions.

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