Brian Budzinski, co-owner of the Kansas City Comets and the Kansas City Soccer Dome, expanded his soccer empire by acquiring the management company for the Western Missouri Soccer League and 99 acres of soccer fields in Clay County.

The land is located at 6201 NE 76th St. in Gladstone, just south of the intersection of Interstate 435 and Missouri Highway 152.

The land has 10 grass soccer fields on it, used by the Western Missouri Soccer League’s (WMSL) youth soccer teams. The league was founded in 1979, and about 1,000 kids played soccer at the Gladstone complex last year.

“I grew up playing soccer at that place, and I’ve just had an affection for it,” Budzinski said. “It’s a passion project for me personally. You know, soccer is not becoming less popular in Kansas City, and there’s just a tremendous amount of growth that’s happening in Clay County. I wanted the WMSL to be a part of that growth up there.”