KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Construction on the KC Current’s new stadium has officially gone vertical.

Construction workers installed the first steel beams for the stadium on Tuesday morning, signifying the transformation of the project going from ground level to vertical.

“It’s a historic moment for Kansas City,” Chris Long, KC Current co-owner and co-founder, said.

“You’ll see the first columns set today, the beams will go up, we’ll start doing the trusses that support the canopy overhead and it will go in a horseshoe fashion east to west,” David Young, Vice president of JE Dunn Construction, said.

The state-of-the-art stadium will seat more than 11,000 fans with no seat being more than 100 feet from the field.

“This is for all of women’s sports. This raises the bar, this gives our players a sense of ownership,” Long said. “It gives every other player out there a sense of hope that people are going to follow and they’re going to own their own facilities too.”

This is the first stadium built specifically for a professional women’s soccer team in the world, and KC Current president Allison Howard says the organization couldn’t be any prouder of what the stadium will represent for the city, players, and other women’s sports organizations across the world.

“We might be the first, but we certainly don’t want to be the last,” Howard said. “In five more years, I hope that there’s 50 different training centers and different stadiums that are built specifically with women’s sports teams as the anchor.”

Both Long and Young say construction is on schedule to be finished in time for the Current’s home opener in 2024.