KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City Current have been accused of mistreating a player they drafted in the 2023 NWSL Draft.

The KC Current drafted defender Mykiaa Minniss in the third round of the draft on Jan. 12. On Friday, Minniss’ mother Nicole released an Instagram post that detailed Minniss’ short stint with the Current before she was waived on Feb. 28.

Nicole alleges that Mykiaa “was given little to no information until a few days before arriving in Kansas City,” flew to KC out of her own pocket and had to make arrangements to get picked up at the airport by family members who lived a few hours away.

Her mother also alleges Mykiaa had to provide her own food and make her way around Kansas City without assistance from the team while family members helped her with groceries and necessities. During training, the rookie was allegedly given oversized clothes with labels ironed on in front of her before they were given to her, her mother said.

According to Nicole, Mykiaa told the team doctor she wasn’t sleeping or eating much outside of naps; the doctor reportedly told her she shouldn’t take naps.

Mykiaa’s mental and physical health struggled being away from family and friends, Nicole said. Her mother also said Mykiaa received little information about next steps.

When she called a meeting with head coach Matt Potter and general manager Camille Levin Ashton about their lack of communication, Nicole said the duo heard from other players that they over-communicated and they laughed at her and told her not to worry about receiving a contract from the club.

After starting in one preseason match, Minniss was waived from the team without feedback, Nicole said. Her agent was told to reach out to Potter who had nothing to add, according to Mykiaa’s mom.

Nicole said Mykiaa’s experience with the Orlando Pride shortly after being waived was a “night and day” better experience for her, but she took a break from soccer after a few days of practice to focus on her mental health.

Nicole said Mykiaa lost 14 pounds after the draft and made a plea to the club.

“DO BETTER KC CURRENT,” Nicole said in her post. “I truly feel that the Management Team in KC set her up to fail from the beginning.”

The KC Current could be in breach of the NWSL collective bargaining agreement if they did not reimburse Mykiaa for her expenses. The CBA says teams should provide a per diem for meals or meals along with housing to any trialist who participates in a team’s preseason training camp.

NWSL teams are supposed to reimburse players for travel costs that are out of pocket within 30 days of the expenses.

The Current says they do not have a comment at this time.