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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — The two biggest faces for the Kansas City Current are sharing their lives on a big platform.

The ‘Snacks’ podcast, a show that Current players Lynn Williams and Sam Mewis has been doing since 2021, has been a place where the duo has been vulnerable with each other and guests about their lives on and off the pitch. The US women’s national team and former North Carolina Courage teammates and Cali women have had a close friendship for years.

Both women were traded to the Current during the offseason from the NC Courage and have rarely seen the field due to both having right leg injuries.

Mewis said her recovery is not going as planned.

“Obviously I’m having a hard time with my knee, it’s not great,” Mewis said about it. Her Current teammate Victoria Pickett gave her a book that she said helped her realize that she is going to get through it.

Williams said her leg injury is a hip injury stemming from when she tore her labrum in college. On her MRI visits, she said she was told her hip was fine by doctors but she has always been in pain and never felt the same since she had surgery on it since college.

Cortisone injections didn’t help, Williams was also told she had SI (sacroiliac) joint dysfunction (SI joint comes out of place easily) in her leg and she also has high hamstring tendinitis which turned into tendinopathy which then turned into tendinosis (chronic tendinitis). Williams said her hamstring would be ‘on fire’ when she did hamstring exercises.

When the Current faced Racing Louisville FC in the Challenge Cup opening match, Williams said she was sprinting for a ball when she felt a pop in her leg and told Mewis a scary thought on the field.

“You came up to me and said ‘what happened’ I said ‘I think just ripped my hamstring tendon off the bone.”

Doctors told Williams her tendon has been hanging off slightly for a couple of years then it just got to be too much.

After surgery, Williams said it’s a slow process but she is healing one month out of surgery. She also said as bad as the process is, she is glad to have Mewis as they fight through their battles together.

“If we had to be injured, both of us, at least it’s at the same time and we can help each other,” Mewis said.