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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — We’re just 46 days away from the presidential election. And while there’ll be various polling locations around the metro, Kansas City election officials say Arrowhead Stadium isn’t actually set in stone yet.

“We’re in the process of negotiating. Negotiating is different than yes,” Kansas City Board of Elections Democratic Director Lauri Ealom said. 

Ealom said the election board is working on a deal to make Arrowhead Stadium a polling site for the upcoming election. Part of that negotiation is making sure there’s enough money.

“We don’t have the equipment for a place that size,” Ealom said. “So we have to finish the negotiation because we don’t have the funds essentially to move forward with something like this.”

Another factor the election board is considering is transportation and making sure people can get to the polls. 

“So it’s a give and take, and I don’t want mixed messages going out or misinformation. We don’t necessarily have it for sure,” Ealom said. 

While negotiations are underway, Chiefs superstars Patrick Mahomes, Tyrann Mathieu and Frank Clark are encouraging people to show up and vote. 

“More than ever, each vote counts more than ever. It’s so important for us to get out there and vote and cast our ballot,” Clark previously said. 

As the election board and the Chiefs work out the details, they noted Thursday that all poll locations are tentative as of right now.

“I don’t want the Chiefs to feel any pressure. They’re offering us their space. They don’t run elections, we do,” Ealom said. 

FOX4 asked Ealom about a specific timeline for when the election board will know whether Arrowhead will be a polling location. She said she doesn’t have an answer as of right now.