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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — As gaming and esports continue to takeover the world as a viable and profitable industry, Kansas City has become a hub for players, fans and content creators.

According to online gambling site Time2play’s survey, Kansas City is the second-best city across the United States and Canada for gamers.

Based on metrics like cost of living, internet speed, the amount of video game retail stores in the area, and the price of a pepperoni pizza, Kansas City ranks only behind Raleigh, North Carolina.

Top 10:

  1. Raleigh, North Carolina
  2. Kansas City, Missouri
  3. Cleveland, Ohio
  4. Baltimore, Maryland
  5. Detroit, Michigan
  6. Atlanta, Georgia
  7. Charlotte, North Carolina
  8. Fresno, California
  9. Louisville, Kentucky
  10. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Sam Kulikov, founder of the Kansas City Pioneers, said he is not surprised, given the efforts by the esports franchise and gamers around the city.

Kansas City has often been regarded as flyover territory. In the past few years we’ve seen major advancements in fiber and internet technologies, the regional entrepreneurial industry, and local economic growth. It is no surprise to me that people are starting to recognize KC’s potential to generate top tier gamers and esports professionals alike.

Sam Kulikov

The worst-rated city on the survey is New York City due to the high cost of living.