KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City’s Municipal Auditorium will host four international men’s and women’s basketball events this summer.

Kansas City Sports Commission and World Vision Sports & Entertainment leaders made the announcement Tuesday.

The city will host one event each month from June to September.

In the first three events, the United States men’s and women’s teams will compete against the national teams from countries in Europe, Asia and elsewhere around the world.

The fourth event, which will be held in September, will feature World Vision’s men’s and women’s teams from the United States competing against teams from Europe, Australia and more.

The format will include four men’s and four women’s teams; they will play in a single round-robin format with a championship game and a third-place game. They’ll play 16 games within a week for the four months of play.

The dates of completion will be on June 12-19, July 16-23, Aug. 12-19, and Sept. 19-26 with of total of 64 games.

The participating teams will be announced soon, as well as team logos, ticket prices and other information.