JOPLIN, MO. — A Joplin, Missouri, Zillow listing is going viral after a parody account of the real-estate company tweeted what seems to be a KC Chiefs fever dream.

Built in 1996, the duplex is sits at 2802 N Highview Ave in Joplin just off of Zora. And with over 3,400 square feet of space, that leaves a lot of room for Chiefs memorabilia as pointed out by Zillow Gone Wild.

Marked by a Chiefs arrowhead and lettering on the driveway the house is very easy to find. But you’ll be happy to know it does not stop there.

From the cardinal red tartaned living room, to its red and yellow tiled kitchen (and backsplash), and finally K. C. Wolf on a shower door, the home spared no expense in making the biggest Chiefs fan feel at home in every room.

With a current price $275,000, the home that could make even the most diehard Raiders fan tremble could be yours.