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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Current is rising and the organization is celebrating another milestone in the construction of its new stadium at Berkley Riverfront Park.

Crews worked to move the first of three sets of aluminum grandstands into place Tuesday morning. Seats will eventually be placed on the grandstands.

It’s the latest step and will provide people driving by a look at what will soon be home to the NWSL team.

“We’re obviously seen the skeleton go up so that’s given people as you drive by the ability to see what the scale of the stadium is, but now you’ll actually start to see where people will sit. Which is the exciting part to see where fans will go,” Courtney Kounkel, Monarch Build, said.

It’s been a month since construction on the  KC Current’s new stadium went vertical.

Construction workers installed the first steel beams for the stadium on April 2, signifying the transformation of the project.

Everyone involved in the project is thrilled over each step the stadium takes toward completion.

“It’s so exciting. I mean there are so many milestones that are exciting to celebrate on a project like this, but that’s also moving this quickly. Having grandstands in place where you can really see what the stadium’s gonna look like and people can really envision what the seats are going to be is pretty cool,” Kounkel said.

The Current released renderings of what the organization’s new home is expected to look like when the stadium opens next year. Click the video player below to see the entire plan.

Planning for the stadium began long before crews broke ground on the Current’s future home, but even those involved in the construction are a little surprised at how quickly the project is moving.

“There’s no doubt this has been fast I mean unlike anything I’ve ever worked on before. To give you perspective, those grandstands we actually engaged them a year ago but didn’t start construction until October of 2022,” Kounkel said.

The following timeline shows just how quickly the KC Current’s new home is becoming reality.

“To have built a stadium when you think of breaking ground in October until January of 2024 is pretty incredible,” Kounkel said.

Fans can place deposits on season tickets to secure seats for the KC Current Stadium next season.

The KC Current Stadium at Berkley Riverfront Park will have 11,500 seats.