KANSAS CITY, Mo. — When visiting Australia for the FIFA Women’s World Cup, KC Current Head Marketing Director Jocelyn Monroe was a bit shocked to hear some soccer fans were willing to travel to Kansas City to see the first stadium specifically for women’s soccer.

It’s a sign the KC Current’s name is rising globally.

“I was pleasantly surprised. I sat down for lunch with these two ladies from Melbourne .. and she said ‘Are you from Kansas City?’ I had a shirt with our crest on it. And she said “I knew it!” Monroe said.

The KC Current name is known internationally and when Monroe was attending the FIFA Womens World Cup, it was a learning experience on how to make the club even more well known.

“It’s all about story telling, story telling their experience. You know you have a player like Debinha, how do we tap into that experience of living your dream,” Monroe said.

“Really digging in and leveraging our international players. They are on the world stage, they are the superstars in that moment, so how do we lean into that and really leverage that moment to build momentum and excitement with our fans,” she said.

Of course momentum is building for the FIFA World Cup to Kansas City. During her visit to a World Cup Semifinal in Sydney, she shared ideas on how to make the world’s biggest event a good experience.

“We have to be uniquely us, we have to be. We have to show off what it means to live in all those cities across North America. What happens in Kansas City and what’s uniquely Kansas City is different that what’s uniquely Atlanta o New York. And showing all that breadth to the world I think we have to tap into that,” Monroe said.

Sydney has a population almost 10 times of Kansas City. But despite the difference in size .. there’s still a few keys to making the World Cup shine. Notably, a Central Point in cities make it logistically easy.

“I was caught up in the transportation system in Sydney, faced a challenge of a little vandalism and so it took me much longer to get back to my hotel after the semifinals than it normally should have taken and I’m sure longer than the Sydney officials were planning. So just thinking ahead about those little things to protect,” Monroe said.