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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The newly-formed Kansas City Hustlers are joining the National Men’s Adult Baseball League bringing free baseball to KC.

The team is sponsored by popular local apparel company Charlie Hustle. Games will be completely free and not require a ticket.

In partnership with former Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander and former Chiefs insider BJ Kissel, the Hustlers will play over 50 games around the area.

“There’s no doubt I missed it. I figured throwing BP to my kids was all the pitching I had left,” Kissel said. “It’s been fun to try and get my arm back into shape. Hoping for a Henry Rowengartner situation here.”

Kissel played college baseball at the University of Central Missouri and Kansas State University. He will be joined on the diamond by Kander and other former college baseball athletes and compete against MABL teams in hopes of winning a title.

“Back in high school, I dreamed of one day playing centerfield for the Royals,” Kander said. “But the truth was, I was really good at baseball – for a debater. So I went to a college without a baseball program and thought I’d never get to play the game again. Needless to say, this is pretty special.”

The league offers adults who wish to continue playing baseball at a high level six national tournaments a year.

Most of the Hustlers roster is made up of former college players, but each has gone on to other professional lives since. They are teachers, construction workers, retail managers, IT professionals, firefighters, small business owners, lawyers, and accountants.

Kansas City Hustlers

The 2022 schedule and roster will be released at a later date.