KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Love summer, crowds, and the smell of a freshly-gut baseball field? This job could be a perfect fit!

The Kansas City Monarchs are hiring a new mascot. Well, a new person to become “Monty” the mascot of the baseball organization.

The Monarchs say Monty loves the other KC mascots like Sluggerrr and KC Wolf, but his favorite team plays in KCK.

The Monarchs also gave some additional info about Monty that could be helpful when applying for the gig:

  • Favorite Food–  Pyramid Pizza!
  • Favorite Sport–  Baseball
  • Favorite Season–  Summer
  • Favorite Time of Day–  Game time
  • Favorite Animal–  Dogs…especially Monarch
  • Favorite Monarchs Player–  Jan Hernandez
  • Favorite Ice Cream Flavor–  Baskin Robbins Baseball Nut
  • Favorite Snack–  Tie between popcorn and peanuts
  • Favorite Color–  Monarch Red
  • Favorite Number–  21
  • Favorite Celebrity–  Mrs. Met 😉

Monty also makes appearances at Monarchs games, events, and other special appearances around Kansas City.

Interested applicants can send their resume and a short video of mascot work to MKolenda@monarchsbaseball.com.