KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Travis and Jason Kelce’s podcast New Heights has gained a lot of traction over the past few months, especially with both of their teams performing well and a Super Bowl LVII matchup on the horizon.

On Monday, they released a special edition podcast which featured their parents, Ed and Donna Kelce.

During the podcast, they talked to Donna Kelce about the possibility of her doing the coin-flip for the Super Bowl after a petition was made for her.

She had her second thoughts but said if her sons felt she wouldn’t be a distraction to them, she’d do it.

“I would, if the two of you say that it would not be a distraction,” Donna said.

Travis also asked their dad who he was going to speak to first after the game between him and Jason.

“Probably the loser, somebody’s gonna feel pretty crummy,” Ed said.

Win or lose, it will be quite the experience for the Kelce parents. You can watch the full episode of the podcast on YouTube here.