Look behind the scenes of FOX Sports’ magic in Miami

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MIAMI — During Super Bowl week, all major networks descended upon Miami, where FOX Sports set up headquarters on South Beach. It`s part studio, part circus, part symphony. Before the big game in Miami, FOX4 got a look inside FOX Sports’ compound.

“Nine shows a day in order, in a row, back-and-forth between two stages. It`s phenomenal television,” Brad Cheney told FOX4’s John Holt.

Cheney is one of the conductors. He’s a six-year Fox Sports veteran who helped oversee a nine-acre compound rise out of sand. Given the landscape, they needed lots of carpet.

“Honestly, the hardest part about it was finding the color to match the sand. You gotta fit in. It`s Miami,” Cheney said.

Then it’s plug and play: 28 ultra-high definition cameras at 1080p, making for a great picture. There are 40 wireless microphones, 11 miles of fiber optic cable, picture and sound all traveling on glass.

And there are pros who make it all come together. Four crews handle the delicate dance of one show after another, after another.

“So, we’re making all the video and all the audio, and then we’re sending it all back to our production centers that put in all the graphics and video replay that goes into a normal show,” Cheney said.

Those production centers may be in Los Angeles or New York. And while you won’t see their faces on screen, they’re just happy when a circus of a week builds to a symphonic crescendo, these musicians have hit all the right notes, from shows to showtime.

“A nice clean show and a good game for all the viewers in America,” Cheney. said.

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