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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Chiefs looked like the AFC Champions of the past during Sunday’s romping of the Las Vegas Raiders at Arrowhead Stadium.

The day started with the Raiders dancing on the Chiefs logo on the 50-yard line. It ended with quarterback Patrick Mahomes pranking Coach Andy Reid during the postgame news conference. In between, the Chiefs continued their win streak with 48-9 victory over the Raiders.

“You definitely don’t want people to come into your stadium and disrespect things that you kind of built,” Mahomes said. “It gave us a little more motivation to go out there and win against a really good football team that we have a rivalry against that usually is a tough football game.”

“I don’t think champions really act in that manner,” Chiefs defensive back Tyrann Mathieu said.

The trolling continued after the game ended as well. The Chiefs played “The Wheels on the Bus” over the public address system inside the stadium.

It’s a reminder of former Raiders head coach Jon Gruden’s decision last season. He had the team bus drive laps around Arrowhead Stadium after the Raiders defeated the Chiefs. It was the first time the Raiders had won in Kansas City in six years.

“We didn’t want them winning here again. We went out there and handled business,” Mahomes said.

The Chiefs felt good about Sunday’s win. So good, in fact, that Mahomes decided to prank Reid before the day ended.

Reid normally speaks first in postgame news conferences, but on Sunday, Mahomes showed up in the media room early. Instead of leaving and returning when Reid was done, QB1 decided to pull a fast one and make coach feel like he was late.

Mahomes walked into the room, looked around, then walked up to the microphone and motioned to reporters in the room to be quiet. Then he stood at the microphone until Reid walked into the room. Reid stopped in his tracks seeing Mahomes at the microphone first.

“That was as good as I’ve felt all day,” Reid said as Mahomes laughed, shook Reid’s hand, and walked out of the room.

The Chiefs hope to keep up their winning ways this week. They play Thursday night against the Chargers in Los Angeles.