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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — They’ve taught thousands of kids to play baseball, but now one of the metro’s oldest youth sports organizations needs some help since its stadium has fallen into disrepair.

The stadium was built in 1963. Leaders of Kansas City’s 3&2 Youth Baseball Club said some amenities haven’t been updated since then — and they’re asking the public to help raise $500,000 to make repairs.

FOX4 spent Thursday afternoon with Matt Burns and David Gershon — both of whom played at the fields as kids. As adults, they’re associated with the 60-year-old stadium as well.

They showed FOX4 the disrepair the stadium is in, with leaks in the grandstand roof, concrete structures that are breaking apart and a 1960’s-era lighting system. Burns and Gershon are encouraging baseball enthusiasts in the metro, especially those who have played in this league, to step up to the plate and donate.

Burns said he foresees $300,000 dedicated to the complex’s main stadium alone.

“That’s part of our plan to keep this going another 60 years. We’re a dying breed. We’re one of the very few left of the homegrown. We’re not supported by the city or the county. We are all parent membership,” Burns said.

“There’s probably two thousand to three thousand kids who play here every year. For the future of Kansas City, we need to have this facility for the young kids who are coming and wanting to play baseball,” Gershon said.

Burns and Gershon ran down a list of notables who’ve played here — including Royals Hall of Famer Frank White — not to mention Cy Young Award winners David Cone and Rick Sutcliffe.

Burns says in an ideal sense — the 3&2 league would make repairs after the upcoming season.