KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City college coach is sidelined after a player filed a police report alleging physical abuse. 

“It’s still a lot to process honestly. It was overwhelming. I just found myself at a lost for words,” said Tia Johnson, the player’s mother.

Johnson said her son told her an assistant coach at Metropolitan Community College put him in a chokehold at a team workout the day after Christmas. 

The college said despite the coach and several of the players being at the gym, it was not a school-sponsored event.

“It was shocking. He was really shocked. I could tell by his face he was very dismayed by how it would even get to a point like that,” Johnson said.

The team practiced on the court when things got heated. In video reviewed by FOX4, you can hear two people going back and forth. 

The student alleges in a police report filed on Dec. 29, the coach told him to go into the locker room.

That’s when he said the coach locked the door and grabbed him by his shirt. Then a tussle ensued, ending with that player in a chokehold. After that, other players came into the locker room, according to Johnson’s son. That’s when the altercation ended.

“It was pretty unbelievable. He’s had a great rapport with all the coaches,” Johnson said.

The community college has issued a statement:

“Metropolitan Community College is aware of an alleged physical confrontation involving Mr. Martane Freeman and a member of the MCC Men’s basketball team. The incident in question took place during a non-MCC event at an independently owned facility. Additionally, Mr. Freeman was not acting in an official MCC capacity during the time of the alleged incident. Nevertheless, we take these allegations very seriously and are conducting an investigation into the matter. Mr. Freeman has been suspended from his coaching duties during this ongoing investigation.

“It’s important to shine a light on these issues not just for my son but for any student athlete – just to know that all of our children are safe when we send them out,” Johnson said.