MLB All-Star auction lets fans own a piece of baseball history


DENVER — Major League Baseball fans from around the country were at the Colorado Convention Center on Tuesday, bidding on baseball memorabilia just hours before the spotlight turned to Coors Field for the All-Star Game.

It’s just not often one has the chance to gaze upon MLB history, but that’s exactly what was happening. It also isn’t often one has the chance to own a piece of MLB history.

“There are so many great things in today’s auction but the Jimmy Foxx hat, Philadelphia Athletics hat, that’s already at $30-some thousand,” said Dave Hunt, president of Hunt Auctions.

Pennants, jerseys, baseballs, gloves: If it’s Major League Baseball, it’s up for grabs.

“There’s almost 400 items today that are going to be sold. Some will be a few hundred dollars, and some will be as much as $10,000 plus,” said Hunt.

Some of the baseball bidders were at the auction in person while others were bidding online. But the one item that’s the show stopper is a piece of wood used by Babe Ruth himself.

“It gives you a feel for how substantive a bat that he used, 36 inches long, just under 40 ounces, just an incredible piece. It’s so historic,” said Hunt.

The bidding for item No. 52 begins. After just a few minutes, Babe’s bat was purchased. Sold for $90,000.

Once in the hands of the Babe, now in the cradle of history.

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