Kansas City native drafted to MLB describes waiting for season to start

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Marcus Smith has a pretty good throwing partner right now.

“Grandpa’s throwing partner right now, so I’ve been over his house a few times to throw with him,” Smith said.

Of course, the former Pembroke Hill baseball player wishes he was playing in Arizona in the Rookie league right now. Smith was drafted into the Oakland Athletics organization, and he was hoping to progress going into his second year.

However, that’s been put on hold due to the coronavirus.

“There’s a little concern, but God has control of all this, so this is all happening for a reason,” Smith said. “I’ve been doing what I can working out at the house, running on the treadmill, throwing.  I haven’t been able to hit since the start of this, so I’m just doing what I can, staying ready for whenever the time comes and make sure I’m ready to go out there and perform.”

In the meantime, the Athletics have provided him some workouts to help keep in shape.

“We have an App called TeamBuildr, and they send workouts on that. So, I do some workouts on that, and then I throw in some of mine to stay in shape.”

Until then, he has been watching movies and playing video games. He said he has stayed in touch with other local players, such as high school teammate Jaylen Greer. They’re both hoping to get some games in this summer.

“I mean, honestly, I don’t know if we’ll have a season, but even getting down there, training, staying around that environment will be good for players like me and Jaylen — not staying at home the whole season. So, when the season comes we’ll be ready for it.”  



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