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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s a chance to interact with the community. And settle some old scores. That’s what’s in the mind of Kansas City Pioneers gamer, LJ Browne.

“It’s extremely important that we do our due diligence in the community for our youth.” Browne said.

The Boys and Girls Club started a new Esports lounge for middle and high school students in partnership with the KC Pioneers.

“There may be kids that don’t know that they’re good enough to be a professional player and able to monetize what they’re doing,” Browne said. “Get a scholarship for what they’re doing, so we want to make sure we educate them correct way.”

“They know that someone that looks like me, sounds like me and comes from maybe the same places that I come from. They’ve been able to make it and be positive in the community, therefore, I can,” Dr. Dred Scott, President of Greater KC Boys and Girls Club, said.

LJ Browne went to the Boys and Girls Club as a kid, and never had the opportunity the kids are getting today. So as the kids get the opportunity to finally play the games they love, it’s also a financial opportunity.

Most of the kids don’t know, but scholarship opportunities and being professionals like the Pioneers have come into play.

As the kids are playing in a new facility, kids gets a chance to pursue their passion.

“I don’t have a game system at home because it’s broken,” club member Marko said. “So I don’t really play the game much. They can inspire you, they can give you a good imagination and occupation.”