KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Short family will never forget the 2023 NFL Draft after experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“You just walk in, and you see a sea of people, and they’re all cheering you on, and you don’t know what to think at that point, you’re just like, ‘OK, don’t mess up,'” Robert’s brother, Chris Short said. 

The family from North Carolina traveled to Kansas City with Dream on 3, a national non-profit making sports-themed dreams come true for people with disabilities.

“It was almost surreal, thinking wow, we’re actually here and they’re actually doing this and just taking it all in,” Robert’s mom, Laura Short said.

Laura’s youngest son, Robert, is 16-years-old and has Down syndrome. The aspiring sportscaster got to live out a lifelong dream by announcing a draft pick for the Tennessee Titans alongside his twin brother, Chris.

“The boys did a great job of working it out themselves, how they were going to do it, that was all on them. They did a great job, we just kind of watched from backstage, it was very cool,” the boys’ dad, David Short said.

After a whirlwind weekend, they’re heading back to North Carolina for a watch party with friends and family to relive the experience.

“It’s something we’ll never forget as twins together and we’ll always have that memory and selfie. We’ll just never forget that,” Chris Short said.