KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Wednesday afternoon Courtyard by Marriott gave away 16 pairs of tickets with VIP access to the 2023 NFL Draft.

The hotel recruited one of the top prospects and sure first rounder Will Anderson Jr. of Alabama to do the honors.

“We really got to know him, Bryce several of the other guys their moms and dads so he’s a good kid,” Connie Rushing said wearing an Alabama sweatshirt.“

“Let’s go Cards we want Will Anderson,” Susan Haluzan, Arizona Cardinals 2022 Fan of the Year, said.

Fans of several teams picking toward the top of the NFL Draft made it known who they want their team to take on the NFL’s biggest stage quite literally.

“We can’t wait to get all the sacks. He looks like a really stand up young man and we can’t wait to encourage him to come to Seattle,” the Seahawks “Captain Hawk” said.

“I was there this morning and it took me by surprise,” Anderson said of the stage. “You see it on TV and now you are here and get to see it in person it was wild. But I know it’s going to look even more wilder tomorrow.”

Anderson posed for pictures with fans.

“I’m soaking it all in I’m embracing it and I’m not taking any of it for granted,” the edge rusher said.

For the players it’s years of hard work paying off. For the teams and their fans, maybe a little bit of luck that top play in college translates to the NFL. But there’s one sure bet this time of year, hope springs eternal.

“The Texans are going to do it man, we’ve got a plethora of picks we’re going to make something happen man,” a Texans fan sporting a contraption on his hat nicknamed “Two-Can Dan” said.