ROELAND MARK, Kan. — Bishop Miege Quarterback Mac Armstrong has his plans set along with many high school players to be on the big stage at the NFL Draft. He’ll be joined by his teammate and Miege running back Isiah Coppage.

“I thought Coach (Jon) Holmes was joking when he told me at first. He said ‘you got anything going on April 28?’ I said I’m not sure what we got going on. He said ‘NFL Draft.’ I said, what could be better than that, I’m there, anything I had is cancelled.”

“I’m hype, I didn’t know this was going to happen, but I’m really excited, ready to get out there and meet some of the guys,” Coppage said.

They’ll be on stage handing out draft hats to the draftees and get the opportunity to talk to the draft picks.

“For sure, I’m nervous for sure, I’m going to hopefully soak it all in, take good pictures,” Armstrong said.

As the players they’d like to meet?

“Hyatt for Tennessee, I really want to meet him because he won the Buck Buchanan Award,” Coppage said.

“I’m excited to meet Bryce Young, for sure, I’m big on the small quarterbacks,” Armstrong said. “He overcomes a lot.”

And get to meet Roger Goodell — as for one thing they’d like to tell him.

“Just remember me because you’re going to see me soon,” Coppage said. “It means a lot because, that’s the goal, where I want to be and just to be up close and personal, just motivates me more to get to that spot.”

“For Goodell I have to tell him Dee Ford wasn’t offsides,” Armstrong said. “I’d have to tell him.”

Good luck getting that reversed but have fun on stage. A memory that will last forever.