KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Justin Reid was a third-round pick for the Houston Texans, but had a good head start leading into the draft.

He watched his brother, Eric Reid, go through the full draft experience.

“Oh man, it’s a memory I won’t forget, it’s one of the special times of my whole life,” Reid said.

“I flew up with him up to New York in 2013 to see him get drafted by the 49ers, got to do the Green Room experience, and then ended up, my experience since we did that. I did something more personal, wanted it to be a small family get-together. My mom invited out the whole town.”

Reid was a second-day pick, but Chiefs offensive lineman Trey Smith had to wait a bit longer. The sixth-round pick of the 2021 draft just hung out.

“For me, I’m a huge video gamer, so, literally, the first couple days, I was just on my game. I wasn’t really paying much attention to it. Obviously a roller coaster of emotions,” Smith said. “A lot of ups and a lot of downs. When you don’t get the call, you don’t get the expected time that you’re going, you worry about your future, but ultimately, I got extremely blessed.”

Now both are solid starters with the Chiefs and Smith and Reid have advice for those getting drafted this week.

“You get drafted at all, even an undrafted guy, once you have the opportunity that presents itself, make the most out of it. Show up early, work hard, do what you can do to sustain yourself. Doesn’t matter where you get drafted, it matters what happens after you get drafted.”

“Stay humble, come in ready to work. As a young guy, you’re not allowed to get tired. So be there, be ready to work, listen to the veterans that come before you,” Reid said.

They are excited to see their new city hosting the NFL Draft to introduce new talent to the league.

“I think it’s going to be extremely special. You can feel the excitement just going to local businesses. People just talk about how many more people are in the city of Kansas City.”