KANSAS CITY, Mo. — NFL Draft organizers are the ones on the clock right now as there are just days left to put the final touches on the event.

The 2023 NFL Draft officially kicks off on Thursday.

Crews focused on the South Lawn of the WWI Museum and Memorial Monday as they began building the NFL Draft Experience.

All of the interactive games and exhibits inside the area need to be assembled and placed in the correct area before fans arrive.

Those include the 40-Yard Dash, the Hail Mary, the NFL PLAY 60 Football Field, and the Chiefs Kingdom Experience, among others.

“The model for the Draft that we love is this exact one. One secure perimeter. One massive campus. Everyone is together. You can see every single pick come off the board. And then you’re also in the Draft Experience. You have little ones, if you want a cold beer, if you want to have some amazing food experience in our tailgate area, that’s all curated from local restaurants here in Kansas City,” Nikki Ewell, NFL Senior Director of Events, said.

Anyone attending the NFL Draft on Saturday is also welcome to check out the “KC Smoke Show” highlighting Kansas City barbecue. That can be found in the NFL Draft Experience area.

They key for fans who plan to attend any part of the 2023 NFL Draft at Union Station and the WWI Museum and Memorial is to download the NFL’s OnePass App and register. No one will be allowed inside the area without first registering through the app.

The Draft is rain or shine, so grab a jacket with a hood, if you think you’ll need it. The NFL says umbrellas are not allowed.

Gates for the NFL Draft and Draft Experience open Thursday at 12 p.m.