KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Midtown is buzzing with activity as crews add the final touches to the NFL Draft area.

Construction started on the Draft Theater stage at Union Station about a month ago. Yesterday crews started putting together the NFL Draft Experience on the lawn of the WWI Museum and Memorial.

The NFL invited 17 top prospects to be in Kansas City for the 2023 NFL Draft.

Before they are drafted Thursday night, each prospect will walk the red carpet at the WWI Museum and Memorial. Each prospect is allowed to bring two guests with them to experience the life-changing evening.

Crews installed 6,000 feet of red carpet for the event.

After walking the red carpet, prospects will take pictures and conduct interviews before reaching the Green Room at Union Station where each will wait for a phone call from an NFL team.

“They’re here to tell their story and how proud they are of all the hard work they put in to get to this moment. There are 17 guys here out of hundreds of football players across the country, so it’s really special for them and I think they try to do their best to take it all in knowing there’s a lot of hype and anticipation of what’s about to come later in the evening,” Steve Farago, NFL Events Department, said.

NFL Draft organizers will hold rehearsals with all 32 NFL teams Tuesday afternoon.

The NFL Draft Experience opens to NFL fans going to the 2023 Draft at 12 p.m. Thursday.