KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Former NFL player and now author Andy Phillips is giving fans a glimpse at what fans don’t see from teams and prospective players.

“It actually raised a lot of questions for me about what happens behind the scenes,” Phillips said about his draft experience in 2015.

The process inspired him to write his book, “Round Zero: Inside the NFL Draft,” which chronicles draft experiences and insider knowledge from coaches, general managers, agents and players across the league.

Phillips said he was surprised that Leigh Steinberg, an agent of Patrick Mahomes, advises his clients to not attend the draft in person because there are a lot of variables out of their control.  

“Especially because he doesn’t want them to be in that situation that we just saw Will Levis in this week where you think you’re going first round, cameras all over you,” Phillips said. “Cause he says a draft minute can feel like an hour so those guys with all the cameras on them in a situation they can’t really control, it can kind of be an embarrassing moment for him and his family.”

A memorable moment for Chiefs Kingdom came night one when Lee’s Summit native Felix Anudike-Uzomah was drafted in the first round. Phillips says NFL prospects dream of a moment like that. 

“The shock and awe of being a first round pick for him and realizing all your hard work, I’m sure it was incredible,” Phillips said. “And then once you start realizing that you’re staying home and you’re getting this in front of your hometown, it’s probably amazing.”

And while fans can be outspoken about who they’d like to see drafted, Phillips says the Chiefs have a great selection process. 

“They have the luxury of not necessarily attacking a need any maybe over drafting a wide receiver just because that’s what they need. They can be patient, take the best players available, and then they can still like last night, they got Rashee Rice who’s a great receiver in round two, who some people think could’ve have been a round one type of guy,” Phillips said. “So they can be patient, take the best guy the first day and then still get a position they need the second day and then the understanding that people want to come play here.”

His book “Round Zero: Inside the NFLDraft,” is out now for purchase.