KANSAS CITY, Mo. — With the NFL Draft just about 24-hours away, the creep of road closures continue – expanding the event’s footprint around Union Station.

On Wednesday security completely cordoned-off a few roads that were already restricted leading to the draft. One of those spots is West 20th Street and Main Street – an area that’s been closed to cars. Pedestrians can still walk on the sidewalks but they will not be able to get through to the Draft.

People will instead be routed to approach Union station using Grand Boulevard.

But businesses along the corner area are still hoping for a lot of foot traffic to make the headache worth it.

“You can tell definitely every week how it progresses to be busier and busier and busier,” Justin Lemos, owner and founder of Midwest Barbery, said.

His shop is just past the intersection of 20th and Main. He said he has friends who are barbers coming in to help on Thursday – anticipating the buzz.

“All they’re going to do is just take walk-ins. Just because – I feel like – there’s going to be a lot of them. Yesterday we probably had over a dozen people walking in and trying to get a haircut,” Lemos said.

Next door at Druid Dice Tabletop Gaming – owner Alec Ward is hoping for the same. But road restrictions already have been rough.

“Unfortunately, it has impacted us on the business side. Our revenue’s about 50% what it normally is by this time in the month,” Ward said.

The streetcar’s still running. So you can hop off the streetcar at the last stop here because they aren’t stopping at Union Station as far as I’m aware. So we’re a block down,” Ward said.

These businesses have studied the road closure plans – but have concerns on how it will work in practice.

“We’ll get told by four different people four different things as far as what’s going on,” Lemos said.

“I’m mostly winging it,” Dustin Nelson, who lives nearby, said. “I mean, I’ve looked online to kind of get an idea of where closures are.”

“I probably won’t try and drive – just try to avoid it if I can,” Nelson said.

The other heavy road closures now affect the circle leading to the National WWI Museum and most of the roads surrounding it. NFL officials ask visitors to please be aware that it will be difficult to get close to the event by car.