KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Six years after the Kansas City Chiefs drafted Patrick Mahomes, his mother made her first NFL Draft appearance, and it’s on the red carpet.

Randi Mahomes represented Variety KC and escorted two kids involved in the organization along the red carpet.

“It is the best part of tonight, I think. For them to get to get to be all-inclusive and have them here and to make the city really all-inclusive, it’s gonna be great. I’m completely behind this,” Randi Mahomes said.

Variety KC works to provide adaptive equipment and make the city all-inclusive to children with developmental disabilities.

One of the kids representing Variety KC said the organization made all the difference in his life.

“It’s crazy to think that there’s a charity like this that pays attention to us because we don’t get enough recognition unfortunately in this world and just having this charity it just highlights us and you know makes the world better for us,” Jesus, Variety KC, said.

He also described what it was like to be on the same red carpet that future NFL stars will walk Thursday evening.

“It’s honestly surreal. I’ve always seen famous people walking the red carpet. Just to think I’m in this position today because of Variety it’s absolutely amazing honestly. I couldn’t be more thankful and I’m just glad to be here honestly,” Jesus said.

While Randi Mahomes raised one of the biggest stars in the league, she said this is her first experience attending an NFL Draft, and couldn’t be happier that it’s in the city where her son plays.

“To be at my first draft in person, so I’m all about it and my grandkids live in this town, so hey. Couldn’t complain,” Randi Mahomes said.

Fans from all 32 NFL teams also walked the NFL’s Red Carpet Thursday.

Chris and Lori Rossman are Chiefs season ticket holders and were honored to represent Chiefs Kingdom.

“It’s wonderful. We’re having a great time,” Lori Rossman said. “It’s beautiful. It’s great. No better place to be.”

Kansas City hopes visitors have the same experience while attending the event through Saturday.