KANSAS CITY, KAN. — The Kansas City metro just received a shoutout from space.

Astronauts from the International Space Station sailed over the Kansas City area on May 1, 2023.

While above the metro, the ISS snapped a picture that also includes Johnson County and Kansas City, Kansas, as well as North Kansas City.

The flyover happened two days after the 2023 NFL Draft ended, but if you zoom in enough, the picture shows a large tent or two still standing near Union Station and the World War I Museum and Memorial.

More than 310,000 fans attended the three-day event and more than 54 million fans watched it on TV of the NFL Draft.

NFL Draft organizers said the 2023 event was the largest space they’ve ever used for the Draft. It also included crews building the largest stage to showcase prospects and Kansas City.

The picture from the International Space Station may help prove that claim.

The pictures are available to download for free at Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth.