KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Dozens of NFL executives are coming to town for the NFL Draft, and every year experts say that group looks a little bit different.

Some recent counts suggest a growing number of women are being hired for various roles in and around the NFL, including broadcasting, coaching, front office, and at the league office.

Tico Productions handles the Spanish-language broadcasts for the Chiefs and a handful of other NFL teams.

Tico President and Partner CiCi Rojas says the growing number of women in prominent roles is encouraging.

“It’s been really cool to track and see how women are making progress,” said Rojas. “Not just that, our industry in broadcasting, we’re very intentional about bringing in more women on the sidelines, in producer roles, and in color commentating roles.”

She says women in those kinds of positions often face the same challenges as their male colleagues with some extra stressors as well.

“Sometimes, women would say that they have added pressure, they’re also trying to not just be successful in their professional life but also in their home life,” Rojas said.

That’s why she hopes the Fearless Leadership gathering Tico Productions is pulling together will help aspiring female leaders, both in and outside sports.

“The good news is that there are already so many seasoned professionals already in these roles, and they are laying the groundwork, and many of them have proven to be great sponsors for young women, and young men of course, but young women,” said Rojas.

You can find information about Fearless Leadership here.