KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A football field-sized theater is coming to life at Kansas City’s Union Station where draft picks will be announced on the largest stage in the NFL Draft’s 87-year history.

The project, which began construction in late March, is 378 feet by 176 feet. The event footprint is approximately 3.1 million square feet with 7.5 miles of fence lines and 1.5 miles of concrete barrier.

“This is not meant to just be something you come Thursday, you saw it, and you don’t come back,” Nicki Ewell, senior director of events for the NFL, told FOX4 in March. “There’s music, there’s food, and there’s an entire experience around it and it does vary day to day.”

Crews are hauling in over 500 semi truckloads of gear, along with 168 loudspeakers and subwoofer enclosures, which will blast more than 400,000 watts of sound amplification power, Morgan Dreossi, spokesperson for the NFL, said in an email.

The NFL said 10,018 square feet of screens will be scattered throughout the theater and space displaying over 31.3 million pixels on 1,433 LED panels.

The NFL Draft Experience will be located on the South Lawn of the Liberty Memorial, the side opposite Union Station. Fans will have view of the theater from the North Lawn.

The three-day event takes place on April 27 through April 29.

Those interested in registering can do so on the NFL One Pass App, which includes free entry to the interactive football theme park all three days of the NFL Draft.

You can view the full list of figures for the NFL Draft theater here.