KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s draft week in Kansas City. The expectation is that hundreds of thousands of fans will head to Kansas City for the NFL’s second-biggest event of the year.  

The final preparations are underway as the first event in connection with the draft kicked off today at Arrowhead Stadium.

The event is a Salute to Service event for veteran’s, military members and their families from the Greater Kansas City area.

“We’re super excited that’s how it’s starting and there’s no better way, right? The NFL, we have a very extensive Salute to Service, and it’s year-round. It’s how we honor, empower and connect with our local veterans and service members,” Dan Lessard with the NFL said.

Not only was it a chance to honor their service with activities, food, music and more, but they also took the time to make kits that will go to other service members in need.

At Jazzy B’s—one of the local vendors the NFL picked—this week is more than just serving food, it’s the biggest event they will have ever been a part of.

For them, it’s not only about the money but the reputation that will go further than any dollar could.

“It’s helping to build the brand not only for those not from Kansas City, it gives me the opportunity to show them a different side of what Kansas City Barbeque is for those that are here, just introduce myself,” Brandon Simpson, Owner of Jazzy B’s said.

Their prep work consists of having enough employees to staff three days for 10 hours each day.

But also making sure the basics are down from plates and more. They also have to make sure gallons of BBQ sauce are ready so every rib, piece of chicken and burnt ends are paired with their one-of-a-kind sauce for a one-of-a-kind event.

“The more people that know about us and end up breaking bread with us is what we shoot for,” Simpson said

The draft itself is a free event but you must register beforehand by downloading the NFL OnePass app.

The main entrance for fans will be at Wyandotte Street and Memorial Drive on the south side of the World War I Museum. The NFL Clear Bag Policy will apply.

“They’re going to see something that they never seen before,” Bobby Bell, Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Famer said.