PLATTE CITY, Mo. — Don’t forgive Kobe Cummings for having to work just a bit harder to get his dream of the NFL. He’s embraced the challenge ever since he heard from a youth coach.

“Just so much that goes into it behind the scenes that people don’t see, mentally and physically. It’s been crazy, it’s been enjoyable.”

“There’s two things in this life that’s going to get you anywhere you want to be and that’s your attitude and your effort.”

And his parents.

“Those were the people that were there for me at the beginning, believed in me ever since I was young, and said if I really wanted to do this, you know, it starts now.”

That’s what led him to standing out at Platte County and then being a standout at Missouri Western State.

And he’s got some great help from former Missouri Western Griffins Brandin Dandridge and Sam Webb. Both have NFL experience and helped impart wisdom on how to be a professional,  which helps when he goes on NFL Pro Day trips like the one he did with the Chiefs.

“They’re very keen on the little things and that’s what it takes to build a great culture like what they have. It’s everything down to angles of your foot, shoulder level, keeping your hips low and just all those little things.”

The NFL dream can become a reality this week. He may not hear his name called till late, but he’s ready for whoever selects him.

“If it’s a practice squad guy, whatever they need me to do. If I end up being second team, a starter maybe, anything they need me to do, they know they’re going to get a guy that goes in fully, 100%, leaves no regrets.”

With lessons learned from his mom and dad.

“They always told me, ‘Just keep your head up and keep working, you got a natural ability, natural gifts.’ Your leadership is going to lead you on to be the player you want to be.”