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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Many NFL general managers listed skepticism about medical reports and shortened college seasons as reasons there aren’t as many later round finds in the NFL Draft. 

That’s why, despite some interest, Excelsior Springs native and current Missouri Western State cornerback Sam Webb has decided to stay in St. Joseph next year.

“It was dope. I remember last June, I had like got a few phone calls from some agents, and I was like, ‘Well, how do you know about me?'” Webb said.

Webb has been making a name for himself at a Division II school, and the Griffons have precedent, too. Two recent defensive backs at MWSU got time in the league, including Jonathan Owens.

“Both of them got their shot at the league; one of them playing with Houston now. It’s just always been in the back of my head, like if I just take care of what I can take care of and do what I got to do, it’s attainable,” Webb said.

The NFL gave him a draft grade. The only problem: a COVID-shortened season with only four games and a virus he had to deal with in the fall.

“It changed the fact that I was going to come out, based on only having two games ’cause they canceled the other two. But other than that, I just listen to the people that I trust the most and made an educated decision,” Webb said.

For a player who was told when he started playing football in high school that he was long and athletic and had the tools, he has the info to be great and be another small school find that has an NFL career.

“I’ve talked to some teams, and I’ve talked to my trainers and stuff like that. I have all the feedback that I need, all the things I need to work on and it’s just a matter of me executing now.”

With a full season comes full potential.