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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – In just six weeks the NFL Draft will begin in Kansas City. We are getting a better idea of what the NFL Draft Experience is going to look like surrounding the NFL Draft at Union Station.

The NFL Draft Experience and other free fan areas are going to cover both the North and South Lawn surrounding the Liberty Memorial.

Registration is now open for the NFL Draft Experience via the NFL One Pass App. With it you can gain free entry to what the NFL calls its interactive football theme park all three days of the NFL Draft April 27-29.

“This is not meant to just be something you come Thursday you saw it and you don’t come back. There’s music, there’s food and there’s an entire experience around it and it does vary day to day,” Nicki Ewell, Senior Director of Events for the NFL, said.

The NFL Draft Experience will be on the South Lawn of the Liberty Memorial, that’s the side opposite Union Station. Fans will be able to view the NFL Draft Theater from the North Lawn. Ewell says though kids will enjoy it’s also for adults. There will be a 40 yard dash.

“Where you are going to run against a digital Saquon Barkley and Derrick Henry, a vertical jump, obstacle course, field goal kick, Hail Mary, an almost regulation sized football field where we are going to have football skills and drills with USA football coaches,” Ewell said listing some of the activities.

You can also get your photo with all three Chiefs Lombardi trophies, Super Bowl rings and NFL Hall of Fame exhibits.

“Of course not to mention all the bars, all the food experiences with a taste of Kansas City featuring all local restaurants and concessionaires,” Ewell added.

There also will be daily concerts and free autographs from NFL Legends to be announced closer to the Draft. Though it is still six weeks out construction begins later this month.

“You are going to start seeing it soon. Streets are going to get closed you are going to see trucks coming in dropping gear and you are going to see cranes coming in so its going to come fast and furious.”

Though the Draft is an evening event Thursday and Friday the Draft Experience will open at Noon each day run through 10pm. Then Saturday it will be open from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m.