Nicky Lopez is giving back as he gets ready for Royals baseball


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Since High School it’s always been in Nicky Lopez to help others.  Case in point when he donated 450 Pizzas to healthcare workers at KU Medical Center.

“Wanted to do something for those that are at risk right now and obviously the first responders and the health care workers are obviously putting themselves at risk, some I want to something special for them, even if it’s something small.” Lopez said.

Or making a kid’s day on his birthday.

“They don’t have as many sports now to look forward too, so if it’s me reaching out to them and they can look forward to that and talk about it and keep their spirits up, that’s something I’m willing to do.”

So, it’s been nice to help, but it’s been a shock to the normal routine of baseball.

“It’s weird, you know, it’s crazy how something can be taken away from you so fast.  I hope that when this all does clear up; we all have a better appreciation towards baseball.”

But he’s still working out, getting workout sessions in Arizona to get ready for his first full season in the Royals lineup. 

“They’ve been telling us to get ready to play in June and then whenever they tell us, just know that they’ll be ready.”

In the meantime, he’s golfing with roommate Brad Keller

“He’s pretty good, I think I shot a little lower last game, but I had one of those days where it was very rare.”

And reliving his Chicago childhood watching The Last Dance

“The quote that stuck to me is I don’t have a gambling problem; I have a competition problem.  He wasn’t afraid to ruffle some feathers, get under people’s skin.”

And he says he’ll take some of that competitive nature to the diamond .. once it starts .. in a healthy fashion.

“We don’t want to be at risk, you know, we want to play baseball, I know the fans want us to play baseball, but if there’s going to be no fans, we obviously don’t want to put ourselves at risk either. I want stuff to go back to normal, obviously, but this is bigger than baseball, this is about the healthcare workers, this is about the ones who are suffering, you know we kind of got to take a back seat to them right now to them.”  

And he’s all about helping out those on the front lines, especially those in KC.

“It’s a place where I want to be for a very long time and hopefully I can be there for 10 plus years and call Kansas City home and just reaching out and helping those that are in need.”

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