Recruiting takes hit as KU basketball faces ongoing NCAA investigation


LAWRENCE, Kan. — While most college basketball programs are navigating through the difficulties of virtual recruiting, the Kansas Jayhawks are dealing with another beast.

“We’ve got an additional thing going on that certainly has impacted us to date and probably will until there’s a conclusion,” Coach Bill Self told reporters this week.

The program is facing allegations of five Level 1 violations and is also cited for “lack of institutional control.” Last year, KU responded to the NCAA’s allegations and denied any wrongdoing. A ruling from the Independent Accountability Resolution Panel could happen by the summer. 

With the uncertainties surrounding the Jayhawks’ NCAA investigation, recruiting is taking a big hit.

“Our playing field has been more difficult recruiting against the people we normally recruit against just because we have the NCAA situation hanging over our heads,” Self said.

Self said during this process, they’ve missed out on some big-time recruits.

“Oh yeah, no question. No question, it has. Yeah absolutely,” he said.

The panel is made up of 15 members with legal, high education and/or sports backgrounds. Decisions made by the IARP can not be appealed.



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