Reid on coaching for another 12 years: ‘Let’s roll, doggonit’

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — On Monday, the Kansas City Chiefs announced that quarterback Patrick Mahomes had agreed to a 10-year extension.

The extension, worth up to $503 million, keeps Mahomes in Kansas City for 12 more years.

Mahomes is now locked in to Kansas City for more than a decade, but can the same be said for Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid?

Reid, currently 62, will be 74 years old when Mahomes’ contract ends in the year 2031. A lot can change in that amount of time, but Reid said for now the plan is to coach all 12 years.

“I haven’t gotten to that point mentally where I’m thinking about retirement,” Reid said in a press conference Tuesday, dressed in his best Hawaiian shirt.

“I love doing what I’m doing. One of the great things about this job is when you look forward to coming to work [to see] the players and coaches. I’m lucky enough to be around good players and coaches. And this guy here (Mahomes) makes it even better.

“If it takes me into my 70’s, let’s roll doggoneit! I’m ready to go.”

Even Mahomes knows that having Reid as the head coach in Kansas City has been extremely beneficial for his career.

Reid, who is a quarterback guru and one the most creative offense minds in the NFL, is extremely valuable to a young quarterback, so of course the Super Bowl MVP wanted to know how much longer he wanted to coach before signing a long contract.

“I talked to him I think before I signed the deal, and he said what he said to y’all. He had no thoughts of even retiring any time soon,” Mahomes said Tuesday. “Obviously, that’s a huge part of it.”

With arguably the two most important pieces to the franchise locked in for the next decade, the Chiefs look to be in prime position to start the NFL’s next great dynasty.

And according to the Chiefs Twitter, that’s what they plan to do.



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