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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Royals and Kansas City Chiefs may be spending Jackson County taxpayer money in ways that voters did not intend, according to published report on Wednesday.

According to a report from 810 WHB, the Royals have requested nearly $17 million of taxpayer money over the past five years from the Kauffman Stadium repair and upkeep fund, but have only spent about nine percent of the money received on actual repairs and maintenance to the stadium.

The team spent the rest of the money on employee salaries, security, cable tv, first aid, utilities, telephones and payroll taxes – which, if true, would mean that the team has been spending taxpayer money to pay their own taxes, 810 WHB reports.

The Jackson County Sports Authority approved the expenses and operates separately from the Jackson County government, according to the report from 810 WHB.

According to a report on the sports news website Deadspin, a tipster reports that the Kansas City Chiefs are doing essentially the same thing next door at Arrowhead Stadium.

Deadspin reports that according to documents sent to them by an anonymous tipster, the Chiefs have used just 33 percent of the $27.3 million they have requested over the past five years on maintenance and repair, with the rest going towards non-player payroll costs and other non-maintenance and repair costs, including payroll taxes.

Neither the Royals and Chiefs have responded to requests for comment on the reports.