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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer revealed some fun facts to FOX 4 about his hairstyle and what he looks forward to for the 2015 season.

MATT STEWART— “What do you think the impact of last season’s World Series run is going to have on this season?

ERIC HOSMER — “I think it will have a tremendous impact. I think a lot of people were excited about the run last year, a lot of people had fun at the games last year so I think once Opening Day starts back up, obviously it’s tradition around here that people love doing so I think the excitement is just going to kind of pick up from where it left off last year.”

MATT STEWART— “Talk about your hairstyle. A lot of people trying to mimic that.”

ERIC HOSMER — “Yeah that really blew up during the World Series. Something we like to have fun with and it’s pretty cool, a lot of kids going to the barbershop asking for it and it’s a pretty crazy feeling. I actually, a couple kids back home in Florida told me they went to the barbershop and got the haircut too, so it’s starting to spread from Kansas City to Florida also.”

MATT STEWART— “Tell me what you did during the off-season.”

ERIC HOSMER — “Just getting to catch up with family back home. You’re gone eight to nine months out of the year and a lot of people you grew up seeing a lot, you don’t get to see as much so just spending as much time with them as possible, catch up with family and friends and just relaxing the body.”

Watch the video above to find out if Hosmer plans to host any more parties at Power and Light.