Royals hang on to win against Phillies, 9 – 8

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PHILADELPHIA, Penn. — Royals fans got their second look at opening day starter James Shields on Sunday.  But Sunday’s look wasn’t as good as they one they got back on Monday in Chicago.

The Phillies kind of dinked, dunked and roughed Shields up for four runs in the bottom of the first inning, getting RBI’s from Chase Utley and Michael Young among others.

It was 4 – 0 Phillies after the inning ended.

Shields settled down and then the Royals bats woke up.  In the bottom of the 3rd, they scored twice.  Once on a RBI double from Alcides Escobar.  That made it 4 – 2 Phillies after three innings.

Then in the fifth, a bases loaded situation for Billy Butler where he produced the ultimate — a grand slam homer — the first of his career.  It first looked like a double, but the instant replay confirmed it was a big fly.

Royals up 6 to 2.  Butler has 5 RBI’s, but he was not done.

Next in the sixth inning, the bases are loaded again and he drove in two more home with a single.  Seven RBI’s for Butler, a career high and the Royals lead it 8 – 4.

They had a 9 – 4 lead in the ninth.  But J.C. Gutierrez and Greg Holland couldn’t hold the lead.

The Royals hang on by a fingernail to get the win.  9 – 8 was the final score.  They take the series 2 games to one and get a six-game split to open the season on the road.



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