KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Royals have announced when they will tell the public about the location of the team’s future stadium and ballpark district.

Tuesday morning, Kansas City Royals Chairman and CEO John Sherman, left a message for Royals fans on Twitter.

In late September, the Royals will make a decision on which site is chosen for the new stadium. The team is still considering two sites, one in Jackson County and the other in Clay County.

“I was somewhat confused,” Jackson County Legislator Jalen Anderson said in an interview with FOX4 Tuesday when asked what his reaction was to the letter.

Anderson’s group would have to approve of putting an extension of the 3/8ths cent sales tax on a ballot for residents countywide to vote on, potentially in April 2024. How the other eight legislators feel about this issue, he’s not sure of.

“I understand that they’ve had meetings with individual legislators, but I think it needs to be the entire legislature,” Anderson said of the Royals. “I think it needs to include the county executive.”

The proposed site in Jackson County is in the East Village, northeast of 12th and Cherry streets in downtown. The site in Clay County being considered is near 18th Avenue and Fayette in North Kansas City.

“We are talking about a not only substantial dollar investment on the part of the Royals but a decision that will be lived with for decades,” Clay County Presiding Commissioner Jerry Nolte said in an interview with FOX4 Tuesday.

Nolte still needs to figure out how long residents there would be paying for a sales tax for the stadium, if North Kansas City is in fact the Royals first choice.

“We’d have to be looking at something along those lines just from the initial figures,” Nolte said when asked whether 40 years is what the Royals are asking of Clay County leaders and taxpayers when it comes to a sales tax length.

“That’s not settled, but it’s going to have to be something along those lines I would guess.”

In 2006, Jackson County voters approved a 3/8ths cent sales tax that people pay when they shop in the county currently. The money generated from it goes to paying off the recent improvements made to Kauffman Stadium and Arrowhead Stadium.

The sales tax stops being collected in 2031 unless voters approve of the extension. When it comes to how long the next extension would be in Jackson County if it’s approved by voters, leaders have not said.  

Sherman said an overview plan with renderings of the proposed ballpark district will be released in the next 30 days.

The message also said the Royals will create a world-class ballpark that will take more than three years to build.