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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A new augmented reality experience at Kauffman Stadium will let fans get in on the excitement of the Hot Dog Derby, see The K turned into a interactive castle, and bring home run fireworks right to your phone.

The Kansas City Royals are launching “Crown Vision AR” in 2023. Fans who download the ARound Stadium App can interact with real-time features that play off the action on the field and provide other immersive experiences.

“You can throw (digital) hot dogs, you can throw donuts, you can compete against each other to mow the lawn, it’s really a community shared AR (augmented reality) experience,” said Sydney Teske, a manager for emerging technology and digital products with the Royals.

“Especially for parents who want to enjoy a long baseball game, it’s really good to give kids the phone so that they can be entertained, and they can interact with the team and the stadium, and really become Royals fans.”

The experience at Kauffman builds off of 2022 launches with the Los Angeles Rams and the Royals’ 2023 Opening Day opponent, the Minnesota Twins.

Fans with the app who want to get more immersed in the action on the field will see follow-along effects after plays in real-time, get live 3D stats and play-by-play graphics, and have a second-screen experience that integrates with Crown Vision.

Younger fans may enjoy features where they can compete in games like Mow Monster and BatterUp. The interactive castle also features a fire breathing dragon that fans can control themselves.