KANSAS CITY, Mo. — An old friend got a warm welcome at Kauffman Stadium this weekend.

Former Kansas City Royals first basemen Mike Moustakas took the field on Sunday for the Colorado Rockies in a feeling that may be slightly unfamiliar to Royals fans.

The Moose started the first seven years of his Major League career with the Royals and was a pivotal member of the 2014 and 2015 championship-winning teams.

He also won AL Comeback Player of the Year in 2017.

Because of his time in Kansas City, Moustakas received a hearty welcome from the fans in attendance including a standing ovation and ‘Moose!’ chants as umpires let Moustakas have his moment in his return to the K.

The Los Angeles native thanked them with a wave and a tip of the cap.

Moustakas hit 2 for 4 on the day with a strikeout as the Royals won 2-0 in the final game of a losing series to the Rockies.

The former Royal is batting .244/.327/.699 with two home runs and 13 RBIs in limited appearances at the plate this season.