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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — It’s become a yearly tradition.

Dozens of young athletes getting to sharpen their baseball skills at the “‘C’ You in the Major Leagues” youth camp.

It’s a partnership between the Kansas City Royals organization and the Jewish Community Center in Overland Park.

“What I love about our togetherness here and our partnership with the ‘J’ is just the innocence of the kids. It kind of reminds us why we do this,” Royals General Manager Dayton Moore said.

The Royals began hosting the camps following a 2014 shooting, in which a gunman killed three people at the Jewish Community Center and nearby Village Shalom.

“Every year I get to tell this story to our front office, to our interns, to our counselors of why we’re here. It helps put a lot of things in perspective in life,” Moore said.

Over the next four days, 120 campers will go through different drills, play games and learn from some of the Royals’ coaching staff.

“It’s always been our mindset: How can we grow the baseball and softball in our community? So it’s just using our gifts to give back, partner with this great community here at the Jewish Community Center,” Moore said.

It’s a give-and-take relationship, as the Royals also benefit from the partnership.

“We’re getting ready to have the draft July 11, and one of the things that we constantly ask ourselves, each other about players we’re looking to acquire is, do they have a lot of little boy in them?” Moore said to reporters Monday. “Do they love to play baseball? This is a healthy reminder of why we do this.”