An unknown group last month solicited Clay County voters’ opinions on the Kansas City Royals’ planned new baseball stadium. Now, someone else wants Jackson County to weigh in, too.

Some Jackson County residents recently received survey questions about the $2 billion-plus project, as well as a potential 40-year extension of the county’s existing three-eighths-cent sales tax at the Truman Sports Complex for the Royals and Kansas City Chiefs.

The questions, viewed by the Kansas City Business Journal, were sent by Las Vegas-based McGuire Research on behalf of an unidentified client, with a seeming focus on how public messaging about the ballpark stands to affect its support in Jackson County.

By comparison, a different group — D.C.-based Bold Decision — in mid-August completed a more limited poll, centered on a prospective new sales tax for the Royals in Clay County.

Among 300 registered Clay County voters, 70% said they would oppose a new sales tax “to help fund construction of a new multibillion-dollar stadium and mixed-use development.” (The Royals have said the estimated $1 billion ballpark district would be privately funded.)

It’s not clear how many people received the Jackson County questions, their demographics or what, if any, results McGuire Research has received.

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